Headquarters: Hilversum, The Netherlands
Select investors: EIT Health, Healthy.Capital
Reducept has developed an end-to-end pain education and management program for healthcare professionals, supporting the treatment of chronic pain patients with virtual reality training. The Reducept Method is a non-invasive digital treatment aimed at reducing chronic pain. Its uniqueness lies in gamifying evidence-based treatment techniques, immersion through the visual gamelike VR and mobile experiences, working memory-related (EMDR) exercise, direct pain relief effect through visualization, and its neurophysiological education.
Select partners: De Hoogstraat Revalidatie, UMC Utrecht, Nocepta, Radboud umc, Máxima MC, Treant Zorggroep, Revalidatie Friesland, Medisch Centrum Leeuwarden, University of Twente, Rijnstate, XRHealth.
👥 Key people:
  • Bold mission: Reducept was created to "free the world from pain." You gotta support such a mission.
  • Huge addressable market: Pain management represents a huge market and Reducept is obviously looking to expand across the EU and other markets. In the US, Reducept's technology is being offered through a partnership with XRHealth. 🔗
  • Easy to use: Setting up Reducept takes just 5 minutes per patient!
  • Media love: Reducept has been featured in such media outlets as Thomson Reuters, Everyday Health, NOS, Emerce, Top Dutch, Margriet, NPO Radio, Leeuwarder Courant, Digitimes, Illinois News Today, and more.
Last update: August 16, 2022