Reify Health Exit Candidate

Employees 200+
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🏦 Potential exit path: SPAC, IPO
Reify Health has built a new foundation for how clinical trials are run through its business entities, StudyTeam and Care Access. The former is a cloud-based software that helps clinical trial teams achieve faster, more predictable enrollment while eliminating the tedious work that saps productivity and study budget. StudyTeam gives sponsors, CROs, and clinical research sites earlier visibility to the full enrollment picture, and the insight they need to focus people and capital on work that yields the greatest return. The result is faster enrollment, stronger relationships between sponsors and investigator sites, and higher return on R&D investment. On the other hand, Care Access is dubbed the world's leading decentralized research organization that brings clinical trial infrastructure directly to patients, healthcare providers, and communities.
Select partners: SubjectWell.
Employees 200+
Primary contact

Funding πŸ’°

Total $259.6M
Last round πŸ”— $220M
Series C
August 10, 2021.
Select investors Coatue Management, Battery Ventures, Sierra Ventures, Adams Street Partners, ICONIQ Growth

Key people πŸ§‘β€πŸ€β€πŸ§‘

Highlights ⭐

  • The company is solving real pain point(s) in clinical trials and makes them more efficient
  • StudyTeam is used by top-20 global biopharma companies such as Amgen, AstraZeneca, and Eli Lilly and Company, and approximately 4,000 research sites across 65 countries.
  • Reify Health will help transform clinical trials, starting with the critical pain point of patient recruitment and reinventing trial operations around it - Aaron Weiner, Coatue Management πŸ”—
  • Similar companies: Science 37
Last update: September 6, 2021