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UnitedHealth Group is a for-profit managed healthcare and health insurance company, offering products and services through two operating businesses, UnitedHealthcare and Optum. Optum is a healthcare service arm of UnitedHealth Group and the largest healthcare IT company in the world by revenue ($184 billion in 2016). It includes three divisions:
  • OptumInsight - Health Data Analytics, Payment Integrity, Life Science, Risk Quality & Network Solutions, Medical Billing
  • OptumRx - Pharmacy Benefit Manager (now includes all Unitedhealthcare membership) and Catamaran acquisition
  • OptumHealth - Healthcare delivery services and support including Consumer Solution Group and OptumCare (Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse, Dental, Vision, Transplant Management, and other ancillary services)
In addition, there are two shared service functions under Optum: Optum Technology and Optum Operations. As for UnitedHealthcare, it includes four divisions:
  • UnitedHealthcare Employer & Individual - provides an array of consumer-oriented health benefit plans and services for large national employers;
  • UnitedHealthcare Community & State - provides managed care solutions to state Medicaid programs;
  • UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement - addresses the health and well-being of individuals age 50 and older;
  • UnitedHealthcare Global - serves more than 4 million people with medical benefits, principally in Brazil, but also residing in more than 125 other countries.
Together, Optum and Unitedhealthcare serve approximately 115 million individuals in 2016. In 2016, the company reported an operating income of $13 billion. UnitedHealth Group also has two foundations, the UnitedHealth Foundation and UnitedHealthcare Children's Foundation which were formed in 1999.
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Last update: February 7, 2018