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Voalte develops smartphone solutions that simplify caregiver communication. The company offers a comprehensive Mobile Communication Strategy that enables care teams inside and outside the hospital to access and exchange information securely. Voalte Platform highlights:
  • Dynamic assignments - select role, unit and teams for each shift.
  • Power search - view search results by name, role, team, department and unit.
  • Voice, alerts, text - rely on a range of options from one powerful application.
  • Group messaging - send messages to everyone assigned to a unit, department or team.
  • Advanced directory - find who you are looking for, and see staff availability and status at a glance.
  • Inside-outside calling - reduce calls to the nurse's station and time waiting for call-backs.
  • Extensible design - scale for the future by adding functionality as your needs change.
Voalte offers Collaboration, Management, Analytics and Integration Solutions. Collaboration Solutions Voalte Collaboration Solutions work together to create a streamlined, secure communication system for the entire care team, whether they are working inside or outside the hospital.
  • Voalte One is a mobile app that connects caregivers inside the hospital via VoIP calling, alarm and alert notification, and secure text messaging.
  • Voalte Me is a "BYOD" application that enables physicians and others working outside the hospital to use their personal smartphones to connect with other Voalte users via voice and text.
  • Voalte Messenger is a web client that lets Unit Secretaries, Pharmacists and other desk-based staff exchange secure text messages with Voalte users from a desktop, laptop or workstation on wheels.
Management Solutions Voalte Management Solutions empower IT teams to set up, manage and analyze your organization's mobile communication technologies.
  • Voalte Admin - a web-based administrative tool that makes it easy to set up, manage and monitor Voalte Platform.
  • Voalte Connect - powered by AirWatch, it is a mobile device management solution that helps the IT team protect your smartphones and the information they contain.
Analytics Solutions Voalte Analytics Solutions provide insight into the hospital's use of communication systems, clinical communication workflows and audit data.
  • Voalte Insight - a world-class analytics solution that delivers meaningful data in easily accessible reports and dashboards.
  • Voalte Reporting Database - used to store dynamic user attributes, system logs and audit data. Use your preferred business intelligence tool to mine data as well as create usage, activity and load reports.
Integration Solutions Voalte Platform promotes interoperability between disparate systems and data, enabling healthcare organizations to scale across the enterprise today, and well into the future.
  • Alert Integration Gateway - connects to a variety of alarming and alerting sources, from middleware to nurse call systems, so notifications are sent directly to the right caregiver, no matter where they are.
  • Voalte APIs and SDKs - provide Voalte customers and third parties with the power to leverage Voalte Platform for even deeper integrations, paving the way for future functionality.
Voalte solutions are now available to more than 132,000 caregivers throughout the United States.
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Total $54.7M
Select investors Ascension Ventures, Bedford Funding, Cerner Capital
Last update: April 3, 2018