The 10 Most Funded Blockchain Health Tech Companies

The fact that some companies have raised millions doesn't necessarily mean their products will be adopted by major healthcare players. Nonetheless, it is an important sign for the entire "blockchain in healthcare" sector as it's striving to find its place on the market and eventually bring benefits of decentralized computing to the wider audience.

The 10 Most Funded Blockchain Health Tech Companies

And so we have compiled a list of 10 of the most funded companies that are looking to bring blockchain to healthcare. We've used information from the publicly available sources, meaning there could be some other startup that has raised even more money but has opted not to disclose that information.

Also worth noting is that we have profiled many additional companies from this sector in our report - Blockchain in Healthcare. You may want to check it out for more details... And now the 10 companies that have raised most money to bring blockchain to healthcare. The list goes from A to Z:

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We cover more companies and explain other blockchain uses cases in healthcare in our report, Blockchain in Healthcare. You can check it out from here.