5 Companies Transforming Remote Monitoring for Seniors

Remote Patient Monitoring involves utilizing special devices such as blood pressure monitors, glucose meters, heart rate monitors and wearable activity trackers that can be used by patients at a remote location.

Senior Care & Remote Monitoring

Up until recently, remote health monitoring required expensive equipment and dedicated connections that were provided by such giants as Philips and GE. Today, with the increasing use of smartphones, these devices are more affordable relying on phones' built-in connectivity to send collected data to caretakers and family members. These devices are typically used to provide better chronic care management while keeping the cost down, as well as to enable healthcare providers to continue care management once the patient leaves the hospital.

In addition, smartphone-connected devices could also help seniors live more independently in their own homes. And in this article, we want to highlight 5 startups looking to transform remote monitoring for seniors. There are more of them in our Senior Care 2.0 report...

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We cover more companies in our report, Senior Care 2.0. You can check it out from here.