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  • Hypervision Surgical raises €7.5 million to redefine surgical imaging
    By harnessing AI and clinical edge computing, the King's College London spin-out aims to revolutionize surgical outcomes and alleviate the global burden of surgical complications across diverse surgical specialties. The funding round was led by a syndicate of experienced European and American HealthTech investors, including HERAN Partners, Redalpine, LifeX Ventures, and ZEISS Ventures.
  • Peter Thiel backs clinical trial platform Lindus Health
    Lindus Health's clinical trial software has been used in over 80 trials in the UK, US and Europe since beginning in 2021. Organizers of clinical trials can conduct study design, recruitment and delivery through the Lindus platform. The company is currently working with Pharmanovia on trials for insomnia and a digital tinnitus one with Oto.
  • Smart ring maker Oura wants to create a superapp
    The company wants to be something other than a little sleep tracker; it wants to be a health tracker and a general-purpose application in payments, identity, and security access. And it has taken steps in that direction, having acquired a digital identification startup, Proxy, to help it move into some of those new areas of business in the not-so-distant future...

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Developer of a platform that decodes the immune system in high resolution to inform therapy and develop diagnostics
πŸ“ Barcelona, Spain
Qubit Pharmaceuticals
Developer of life-changing treatments for major diseases using quantum physics
πŸ“ Paris, France
Developer of a targeted radiopharmaceutical cancer treatment involving extending the already successful use of Iodine-131
πŸ“ Amersham, United Kingdom
Nia Health
Developer of a clinical diagnosis and therapy system for patients with chronic skin conditions
πŸ“ Berlin, Germany
Operator of a network of tech-enabled brick-and-mortar primary and dental care clinics
πŸ“ Berlin, Germany
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