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MedLumics develops a radiofrequency cardiac ablation catheter called AblaView, which allows the treatment of atrial fibrillation (AF) in real time using an optical image guidance system. Said treatment relies on a minimally-invasive surgical technique that involves scarring or destroying tissue in the heart using radiofrequency energy to disrupt faulty electrical signals causing the arrhythmia. It …

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MiGuide aims to help people with type 2 diabetes get a better lifestyle so that they can take control of their health and ultimately reduce the need for medication. Together with its partners, the company developed the MiGuide app for patients and the MiGuide care portal for general practitioners and practice nurses. Aside from diabetes, …

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Habitual is a health tech startup that offers a weight loss program aimed at people with type 2 diabetes or prediabetes. It combines evidence-based food replacement with digital (mobile) support to help people manage and even reverse the condition. For the food replacement product, Habitual worked with a product development consultancy that had previously done …

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