Make Smarter Digital Health Investments!

DHISCO stands for Digital Health Investor'S COmpanion and we'll help you:

  • Find cool seed-stage startups to invest in
  • Identify companies that are close to their exit
  • Keep track of Digital Health SPAC deals
  • Get new perspective on your (potential) investments

SPAC Tracker

SPAC deals have been growing in the digital health space. Here we try to keep up with all of them.
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Seed Dealflow

These digital health companies look promising to us and have just started raising money.
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Exit Candidates

Our list of potential digital health exit candidates is based on a number of criteria.
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Virtual Consultations

Get an extra pair of eyes for evaluation of your potential digital health investments.
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Why should YOU sign-up for DHISCO?

Digital Health customers

Some of the reasons you may find compelling:

  • Save time by learning only about the deals that matter
  • A single investment will easily payoff the subscription
  • We do the hard work so you don't have to
  • And we've been in digital health for years...
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