Nina Capital

Founded 2019
Employees 6
Primary contact
C. Tuset 20, 5
08006 Barcelona
Nina Capital invests in need-driven health tech founders with international ambitions to build the future of info-driven healthcare. It is mostly focused on pre-seed and seed rounds, with some series A.
Founded 2019
Employees 6
Primary contact
C. Tuset 20, 5
08006 Barcelona

Key people πŸ§‘β€πŸ€β€πŸ§‘

Investments πŸ’Έ

Developer of the world's first platform for zero-knowledge analysis of biological and health data
πŸ“ Copenhagen, Denmark
Developer of a cloud AI tool for ECG data analysis
πŸ“ Krakow, Poland
Developer of deep-learning based tools to help improve radiologists' daily clinical workflows
πŸ“ Vienna, Austria
Developer of a high-performance eye imaging instrument empowering doctors to see the first disease impacts
πŸ“ Geneve, Switzerland
Pioneer in a metabolism-based liquid biopsy that aims to reduce cancer mortality through early detection
πŸ“ Solna, Sweden
Provider of an easy-to-use, mobile-based private healthcare claims submission service
πŸ“ Vienna, Austria
Kheiron Medical Technologies
Developer of AI solutions to help radiologists detect breast cancer earlier
πŸ“ London, United Kingdom
Operator of a platform that makes healthcare training more accessible to every healthcare professional
πŸ“ Bushmills, United Kingdom
Developer of an AI medical imaging software capable of triaging stroke and unlock stroke treatments potential from non-contrast CTs
πŸ“ Barcelona, Spain
Developer of automation tools for visual diagnosis using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and deep learning
πŸ“ Hamburg, Germany
moveUP Therapy
Developer of a solution that provides patients with a personalized rehabilitation plan and providers with data-driven insights
πŸ“ Brussels, Belgium
MySecondEar is working to modernize and innovate the hearing aid purchase and adjustments with remote fitting
πŸ“ Berlin, Germany
Developer of intelligent software that aims to redefine patient recruitment for clinical trials
πŸ“ London, United Kingdom
Developer of an intelligent medical device for the improved treatment of cardiac arrest and critical bleedings
πŸ“ Copenhagen, Denmark
Promptly Health
Operator of a platform collecting, integrating, and analyzing data on the outcomes of care
πŸ“ Porto, Portugal
Developer of a cutting-edge device platform to scale manufacturing capacity for cell therapies for cancer patients
πŸ“ Klosterneuburg, Austria
Operator of a 3D design automation platform for manufacturers and distributors of orthotics and prosthetics
πŸ“ Espoo, Finland
The company behind Ancelia, which is dubbed the first AI-enabled digital assistant for elderly facilities
πŸ“ Milan, Italy
Developer of innovative solutions for a safer, more precise and time-saving proton therapy for cancer treatment
πŸ“ Geneva, Switzerland
The Lowdown
Operator of a contraceptive review platform, which doubles as an online community
πŸ“ London, United Kingdom
Developer of an AI-enabled cardiovascular imaging solutions
πŸ“ Oxford, United Kingdom
Zetta Genomics
Developer of a genomic data management platform that powers the discovery and delivery of precision medicine at a scale
πŸ“ Cambridge, United Kingdom
Last update: September 2, 2022